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Below you will find a link to the Veterinary Clinical Hospital, where medical-surgical care services are provided to small and large animals. Below, you will find access or links to various diagnostic services provided by different departments of the Faculty to society.

Hospital Clínico Veterinario

Veterinary Clinical Hospital

Care of sick animals in the different clinical services for their diagnosis and treatment. Hospitalization and emergencies 24 hours.

Anatomía Patológica Veterinaria

Diagnosis Pathology

Study of lesions and cell alterations in biopsies of tissues or organs.

Enfermedades Infecciosas Veterinaria

Diagnosis Infectious Diseases

Laboratory diagnosis of bacterial, viral, fungal and other infectious diseases in clinical samples.

Servicio de Toxicología Clínica y Analítica

Clinical and Analytical Toxicology Service

SERTOX was created within the ULPGC in order to offer veterinarians, doctors, administration and the general public a service of advice, analysis, diagnosis and toxicological research on all types of biological samples.

Parasitology Service

This Diagnostic Service has coprological, immunological and molecular biology methods for parasitic diseases with clinical, health and/or economic repercussions in veterinary medicine such as giardiosis, cryptosporidiosis, ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, leishmaniosis or toxoplasmosis.