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academic organization

What is Academic?

Academic is a computer tool for managing the academic organization of the Faculty. Academic offers the necessary functionalities to teachers, students, administrators for the management of academic activities.

Academic allows:

  • To administrators: manage users: registrations, cancellations, modifications, profile assignment; manage subjects and academic courses, manage facilities, manage all academic activities: theoretical classes, practices, courses, exams, seminars,...; organize the academic calendar in an agile and flexible way, manage student registration, control conflicts over the use of space, manage the registration of teaching and attendance at activities.
  • To the students: manage their academic activities: practice groups, course attendance,...; manage your personal data; check your schedule
  • To the teachers: check your schedule; obtain attendance sheets for their subjects; plan and schedule academic activities; manage your personal data; manage and monitor student attendance
  • To the administrators: manage student enrollment ◦ Manage activity attendance record
  • To the janitors: manage the reservation of classrooms; control the use of classrooms; print the attendance control sheet for theoretical classes, exams and seminars.
  • To visitors: Consult the academic calendar of the faculty (schedule by classroom, by course and by subject).

Academic Instructions for Use

student instructions

teacher instructions