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Dean's Team

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Directs and supervises all the activities of the center, from the proposal of adequate services for the best functioning to the supervision of the fulfillment of tasks, resources, requests or other writings of its members.

Prepares the Quality Policy of the Center and the annual objectives (PEC01)

Rafael Millán Larriva Secretario

Rafael Millan Larriva


Soraya Déniz Suárez Vicedecana de Ordenación y Coordinación Académica

Soraya Deniz Suarez

Vice Dean of Ordination and Academic Coordination

José Vilar Guereño Equipo Decanal

Jose Vilar Guereno

Vice Dean of Students, Mobility and External Practices

María del Pino Palacios Díaz Vicedecana de Calidad e Igualdad

Maria del Pino Palacios Diaz

Vice Dean of Quality and Equality