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Dress code for practices (colors of pajamas)

Normas de vestuario para las prácticas (colores de pijamas)We remind you that to avoid cross-contamination between the different work areas and as a prophylactic measure in the transmission of diseases between groups, it is mandatory to follow the color code in the changing room, which is as follows:


  • white lab coat
  • closed footwear


  • green pajamas
  • CLEAN wellies

Faculty Farm:

  • Purple or maroon pajamas
  • CLEAN Wellington boots.

Practices in external farms:

  • Dark blue pajamas
  • CLEAN wellies

Veterinary Clinical Hospital

  • Light blue or patterned pajamas
  • Closed shoes or clogs (no sandals)
  • If you have long hair, it must be tied up, especially in the pre-surgical area.


  • 1 clean white coat (It's cold first thing in the pens and you have to put it on over your pajamas).
  • 2 clean pajamas (1 obligatory green for the dirty area of the slaughterhouse and 1 obligatory maroon/purple for the clean area of the slaughterhouse).
  • 1 Clean white rubber boots
  • 1 Cloth and white cap. For people with long hair, it should be a net.
  • Personal utensils for shower. The shower is required after the working day according to regulations for the fight against epizootics. It is prohibited to enter the premises of the slaughterhouse with pendants, piercings, earrings, bracelets, etc. Mobile phones will not be used during practices except for a justified reason. Photographs may be taken under the supervision and permission of the Veterinarians. Failure to comply with these instructions will not allow entry to practice. If there is a lack of interest or disturbances in the normal development of the work, the student will be expelled from the practice with the consequent failure in the subject.