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Start » News » The special call (2016-2017) for the defense of the TFG will be in January 2017.

The special call (2016-2017) for the defense of the TFG will be in January 2017.

In the Final Degree Project Commission on November 8, the following agreements were approved for the special call for Final Degree Projects

1.- List of Final Degree Projects and their tutors

2.- Call (Place, date and time) of the different courts

3.- Members of courts (by number of participations in courts and rigorous lottery)

4.- Assignment of work to courts.

It is attached as an annex to this notice, it is sent by email to all the teaching staff and it is published on the official bulletin board of the Center. 


Those professors who cannot attend the summoned court must bear in mind the provisions of the regulations when requesting a leave of absence:

Article 9. Teachers.


3. All professors who teach at the Center, who belong to the fields included in the teaching organization plan of the degree and meet the requirements of this Regulation are obliged to participate in the TFT courts.

4. Those professors who meet the requirements established in section 3 of this article, may only request a leave of absence in the period established in the Academic Calendar for TFT defenses, if the substitute teacher who signs the request meets the same requirements for Participate in TFT evaluation courts of the same Center to which the applicant belongs. 

Substitute teachers (1, 2 and 3) must be reachable on the day of the call exclusively for supervening situations or force majeure that prevents a member of the court (or their substitute according to license) from being present at the time of the defense of the TFG of the students.

We ask that the president of the court come at least 15 minutes before the established time to proceed to collect the documentation in the building administration


Communication Special Call TFG 2016-2017