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Start » News » Dec 15 12:30 Informative workshop on the Blue Chaffinch of Gran Canaria

Dec 15 12:30 Informative workshop on the Blue Chaffinch of Gran Canaria

We invite you to participate in the informative workshop on the Blue Chaffinch of Gran Canaria that will be held in the main hall of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine on December 15 at 12:30 p.m.
We attach the poster of the activity as well as a brief informative text below.
«In the year 1905, the ornithologist Johan Polatzek found in some redoubts of pine forests on the island of Gran Canaria, a bird that until now was completely unknown. Until then, the Inagua pine forests, on the western slope of Gran Canaria, housed a unique ornithological jewel in the world. In barely 100 years since its discovery, the Gran Canaria blue finch has survived authentic environmental catastrophes and even a new taxonomic recognition, being currently considered a completely different species from its neighbors on the island of Tenerife.
The threats that have loomed over the species have led to the application, in recent decades, of different programs and projects to prevent this small blue bird from joining the lists of extinct species.
Within these projects, the current LIFE of the blue chaffinch of Gran Canaria is framed, which since the end of 2015 has been carrying out actions to recover and expand the populations of a distinguished species of the Canary archipelago.”
If you are interested in learning more about this endemic Canarian species and its conservation, we will be waiting for you on Thursday the 15th.Plantilla alta resolución con logo veterinaria copia