Nuestras Instalaciones

Our Facilities

Come and discover the Faculty facilities, meet the means at our disposal.

 La Granja de la Facultad Veterinaria ULPGC

Livestock Facilities

The Faculty has a farm of their own, as well as access to various farms to meet their teaching and research needs.

 Identidad Corporativa Facultad Veterinaria

Corporate Design

In case you need to use the logo of the Faculty, in this section you will find the original files a Minimanual and access to corporate identity standards ULPGC.

 Quejas Sugerencias y Felicitaciones

Complains & suggestions

The Rules of Complaints, Suggestions and Congratulations ULPGC was approved by the Governing Council on October 17, 2011 and provides that the competent body for processing is the Technical Secretariat of Organization, Management dependent ULPGC for all schools of ULPGC.