Dean Team

Directs and supervises all activities of the Faculty, from the proposal of appropriate services for the best performance to compliance monitoring tasks, resources, demands or other writings of its members.

The Dean

The Dean is elected by the Faculty Board (Junta de Facultad) who must be a tenured teacher with a full-time position and must be willing to hold this position for a five-year term. The Dean may be re-elected only once.

Dean’s Executive Team (Vice-Deans)

The Dean’s Executive Team is proposed by the Dean and after the Dean is elected, they are appointed by the Rector. They may be introduced by the Dean before the election, or the Dean may choose to make their names known after the election has taken place.

Dr. Juan Alberto Corbera


Jorge Oros

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Dr. Alberto Arencibia


Alberto Arencibia

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Dr. Manuel Zumbado

Vice-dean of Academic Affairs                                    

Manuel Zumbado

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Dra. Inmaculada Morales
Vice-dean of Students, Exchange Programme and External Practical Training 

Inmaculada Morales

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Dra. María del Carmen Muñoz
Vice-Dean of Quality Assurance, Communication and Institucional Coordination.

María del Carmen Muñoz


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