They are the bodies responsible for coordinating the teaching of the School, according to the teaching program of the University. Supports the activities and initiatives of the faculty teaching and research, and exercises such other functions as may be determined by the ULPGC Statutes.

Heads of Departments

The Heads of Departments are elected by the Department Council from among all the PhD-holding members of the Department. The head of Department hold his/her position for a five-year term and may be re-elected only once.

Animal Pathology

Departamento de Patología

phone 928 451 099

Departamento de Morfologia

mail ———-
phone 928 451 437
Clinical Sciences

Departamento Ciencias Clinicas

mail ———-
phone 928 451 447

Departamento de Bioquímica
mail ———-
phone 928 451 440


Departamento de Biología

phone 928 452 911

Departamento de Física
mail Email secretary
phone 928 451 288


Departamento de Química
mail Email secretary
phone 928 452 917 / 928 454 380


Departamento de Matemáticas
mail ———-
phone 928 458 800